At approximately 3:33pm, you may hear the ringing of a bell or bells, or other unusual sounds. You will pause whatever you’re doing, look around you, and start smiling.

If you see someone else smiling, you will go and give that person a hug. If you see someone smiling and coming toward you, you will step up and give them a hug.*

As you hug, you will hold this intention in your mind:

“A world based on love and cooperation, not coercion, is possible.”

If you’re feeling bold, you may say it out loud: “Love and Cooperation, Not Coercion!”
Celebrate and give thanks in whatever manner feels right to you.
Dance to the music.

Besides smiling, giving and receiving hugs, and sharing good vibes, participants are invited to make whatever other arrangements or artistic contributions they feel will beneficially enhance this happening.

*Both smiling and hugs are healthy and good for you, containing no carcinogens, transfats, or high fructose corn syrup, and hopefully no artificial ingredients.

You can express appreciation for this interactive art happening by showing your support for some neighbors in the Shire who could use your help and good wishes at

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